Cross-border Safety Services in Hong Kong and China

  • One of the most large-scale elderly services association with over 300 professional experts serving more than 100,000 elderly
  • The only company providing cross-border emergency services in China
  • The most professional, believable and considerate safety services provider
Background of Cross-border Safety Services :

We are willing to be your cross-border personal assistant. No matter you are in China or Hong Kong, or you have no time to stay with your elderly, our cross-border services is undoubtedly your best choice.

In recent years, many elderly have moved to China as the facilities of retirement home is well-developed. It is inevitable that those elderly may not be able to adapt to the new environment while their family members or relatives cannot always stay with them. Thus, a sense of unfamiliarity and a lack of communication platform may be created. HKSSA does concern this problem and we strongly hope to rebuild a sense of security by establishing a platform which can help the elderly catch on the updated information of China. Meanwhile, we do provide inquiry and referral services of retirement home for the elderly. We promise that our 24-hour professional services should strive for helping the elderly in need.

The first pioneer of cross-border elderly services provider between China and Hong Kong User can enjoy the HKSSA Safety Mobile services by just setting up short-cut key, without changing mobile, without using particular network provider, without replacing any components. All kinds of mobile model can use our services by pressing one key only!

Cross-border Safety Alarm Services:

  1. 24-hour Emergency Mobile Services (China)
  2. 24-hour Emergency Mobile Services (Hong Kong)
  3. Doctor Consultation Reminder
  4. Medicine Reminder
  5. Transportation Inquiry & Arrangement Services
  6. Convenient payment Services
  7. 1083 Services
  8. Community Activities Inquiry
  9. Making Appointment of Outpatient Services
  10. Connecting-to-Relatives Services
  11. Counseling Services
  12. Weather Reminder

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