Caring Companies Contribute to the Society—— "Hong Kong Elderly Hotline"

"Hong Kong Elderly Hotline" is established by "Hong Kong safety services association LTD " which aims to provide 24-hour emergency assistance services to the elderly. To commit to the social responsibility, HKSSA endeavors to help the elderly by creating a free information platform. Besides, HKSSA is now in cooperation with more than 1,000 "Caring Companies" and present "Elderly Card" to offer special discounts to all our user. Caring Companies, located at different areas in Hong Kong, aim to provide special discounts and offers in the aspects of "Clothing, Food, Housing and Transportation" for elderly.

Free Services and Special Offers for "Hong Kong Elderly Hotline" members

  1. 24-hour Free Inquiry Services
  2. Weather Inquiry & Reminder
  3. Transportation Inquiry
  4. Free Inquiry Services about Government Welfare for Elderly
  5. Free Inquiry Services about Government Services for Elderly
  6. Free Inquiry Services about Retirement Home (Hong Kong & China)
  7. Special Offers & Discounts of Caring Company
To be eligible for assistance, an applicant must satisfy the following conditions :
  • Hong Kong residents aged 60 or above
Application methods of "Hong Kong Elderly Hotline":
  1. By phone: Please dial our hotline: 2429 6060 to apply!
  2. By internet: Click here to apply!
Terms and Conditions for "Hong Kong Elderly Hotline" Members:
  1. "Hong Kong Elderly Hotline" reserves absolute right to terminate any Membership. In the event of any disputes, "Hong Kong Elderly Hotline" shall be the final arbiter.
  2. "Hong Kong Elderly Hotline" reserves absolute right to cease any Membership's rights and privileges for services or discounts.
  3. "Hong Kong Elderly Hotline" only serves as an information platform and "Hong Kong Elderly Hotline" does not take the responsibility for any inaccurate information.
  4. For the members' terms and conditions, the company website version shall prevail. Without charging any services fee, "HKSSA" is willing to contribute to the society. Our Hotline: 2429 6060


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