Payment Methods:

1、Cash: Pay in cash in any of the following establishments with your "Elderly Card" or bill of our company.
a) 7-ELEVEN Convenience Store
b) OK Convenience Store Click here to search the branch address
c) CR Vanguard Supermarket / Vango Convenience Store [Click here to search the branch address ]
2、 Bank: Pay in the following bank accounts:
a) HSBC a/c : 491-844601-838
b) Bank of China a/c: 012-872-0-008274-0
(The full name, contact number and the customer number are required to be written on the receipt after deposit, then to the company accounting department by fax, email or mail.)
3、Cheque: Write the “Hong Kong Safety Services Association Limited” at the head of the crossed cheque, the user's full name and customer number are required to be written on the back of the cheque, then mail to our company.
4、Autopay: When the on-site installation, get the “HKSSA Direct Debit Authorization Form” from our clerk, completed and give our professional players to deal with. You can alsoclick hereto download “HKSSA Direct Debit Authorization Form”, then complete and bring along it to the bank by yourself.
5、 PPS: Dial 18033 to registry and pay bills, or to PPS site to pay, our Association of merchant code: "9931".To query about application or payment, please dial the PPS hotline: 900 00 222 328, or Inquiries to the company.
6、Internet Banking: If you have already registered for online banking, you can directly pay the bill by Internet Banking.
7、EPS: Bring along your ATM card of any local bank and pay by EPS in our customer service center.

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