Our Safety Alarm Services

User can immediately contact with our 24-hour customer services centre by simply pressing the red button on the Emergency Alarm System. Our considerate customer service staff will provide the following assistance according to different needs:

124-hour Emergency Aiding Services:

In case of emergent situation, user can contact our 24-hour customer services centre and seek help from our customer services officers by simply pressing the red button on the safety alarm or the remote.

2、Smart Reminder Services:

For any needs, user can connect to our customer services centre and we will play the role of your personal assistant: Our smart reminder can make appointment of outpatient services and remind you to take medicine and consult doctor on time as long as your schedule has been set in our system.

3、Weather Inquiry Services:We will reminder user to pay special attention to different weather conditions.

4、Community Activities Inquiry:

By connecting to our customer services centre, you can inquire about the activities information near your residence to enrich your life.

5、Counseling Services:

In our 24-hour customer services centre, our customer services officers are always on-call whenever any counseling services are needed.

6、Daily-living Information Services:

Apart from providing safety services, we are willing to play the role of your "personal assistant". To satisfy your needs in daily lives, Our "Daily-Living Referral Services" serves as a platform which provides a wide range of services including residential, nursing, health care and picking-up services.

More professional services will be promoted soon to satisfy different kinds of needs!

①  Application for Safety Alarm Services:

As long as electricity supplied and fixed-line phone has been installed at home, customers can set up the Emergency Alarm System. The Emergency Alarm System is a hands free two-way communication system which is easy to be operated. Apart from the main unit, there is also a remote for the convenience of customers for using anywhere at home. There are red and green buttons on the main unit and remote respectively. To contact our customer service centre, user can just simply press the red button, and our customer service staff will immediately response to any inquiry.

Equipping with the latest and most advanced systems, our computers can immediately confirm the user’ identity and other relevant information when customers are connected with our service centre, so as to give the most efficient and accurate response. Our customer services officers speak fluent Cantonese, Putonghua, English and domestic dialect in order to communicate with customers.

②  Application Process:

We provide a wide range of inquiry services, no matter elderly, chronically ill patients, families which need to take care of young children, those who are unfamiliar with Cantonese are all welcome to use our Emergency Alarm Services.

③  Monthly Fee:

The monthly services fee costs HK$115 and customers can choose annual payment or monthly payment. For those who agree to use our services for 12 months, the first installment fee of HK$475 will be exempted.

④  Apply special grant for our customers:

* We are willing to help eligible user to apply for CSSA special grant scheme offered by Social Welfare Department and the Housing Department. For successful applicants, deposits and services fee will be exempted. Application requirements are as follows:

Sponsor Age Criteria Living Condition Income & Saving
Social Welfare Departmen 65 or above or ; 60-64, with disable allowances or medical certificate CSSA recipient Living alone or ; Living with cohabitants who are disabled , aged over 65 or suffering from chronic illness CSSA recipient
Housing Department 65 or above or; 60-64, with disable allowances or medical certificate Tenant of Housing Department and Non-CSSA recipient Household register as living alone or; Living with cohabitants aged over 60 Monthly Income : < $6,660 /1 person; or < $10,520 /2 people; and saving : < $186,000 / 1 person ; < $281,000 / 2 person


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