Features of Elderly “Safety Mobile”
HKSSA Elderly Safety Mobile is featured with Waterproof, Dustproof and Shockproof functions, with Big-buttons Keyboard and Large-display Design, undoubtedly suitable for all elderly Mobile Features
Three-Proof Functions

Waterproof, Dustproof & Shockproof


Immediately connect to our24-hour emergency centre for detecting user’s location and accordingly arranging relief work

Big Buttons & Large Display

Convenient for elderly to press, dial and check message

Extra-loud Ringer

Easier for elderly to pick the call immediately

Hand-free Speaker

Enjoy the hand-free function when necessary

One-key Unlock

Lock or unlock the phone by pressing one key

FM Radio Key

Listen to the FM radio by pressing one key and receive all kinds of information

Touch Key

Turn the touch by pressing one key when necessary









長者安心手機防水、防跌、防塵,超大按鍵等相關設置,專為長者而設計 Mobile Features
If you have any other inquiries, don't hesitate to dial our 24-hour customer services hotline. We are very pleased to solve your problem by all means! Frequently Asked Questions
Q:What is the size of the Safety Mobile?

Height: 115.5mm / Width: 54mm / Depth: 21mm

Q:Can the Outdoor Location function work when switching off the Safety Mobile?

As outdoor location cannot be detected when the Safety Mobile is switched off, user please ensure that it is switched on and functioned normally.

Q:Can the Safety Mobile enjoy maintenance services?

Within one year after the purchase date, we will provide free replacement services as to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness for user to reconnect the services.

Q:What is the package detail (airtime and SMS) of the Safe Mobile monthly plan?

Safe Mobile monthly plan includes 800 minutes of airtime and 3,000 intra-SMS. If the date usage exceeds plan limit, extra fee will be charged accordingly: Intra-network airtime $0.2 per minute; Inter-network airtime $0.7 per minute; Intra-network SMS $0.6 per each; Foreign SMS $2 per each. Intra-network means that the recipient is ‘3HK’ user whilst Inter-network stands for non ‘3HK’ user.

Q:What to do if the Safety Mobile is lost during the contract period?

If the Safety Mobile is lost during the contract period, user can prepay $1200 (24-month instalments with monthly rebate $50) and enjoy $0 handset price.

Q:What to do if the user’s death takes place within the contract period?

If the user’s death takes place within the contract period, the remaining data or unrebated prepayment can be enjoyed by other relatives.

Service charges
Safety Mobile Monthly Plans
Standard charge: HK $288
Discounted charge HK $188
$0 handset price (required to sign 24-month contract) by prepaying $1200,
24-month instalments with monthly rebate $50.
Discounted monthly fee after deducting the rebate will be:
(Original $188 - Rebate$50
Discounted $138)
Payment Methods

User can request for the「Direct Debit Authorization Form」from our technician during onsite installation,then complete the form with signature and pass to our technician for processing;or user can click here to download the 「Direct Debit Authorization Form」,then directly submit it to related bank after completing with signature.

Application for Safety Mobile
User can fill in the form below to apply online, and our staff will process the application and contact user directly; or user can dial our customer services hotline directly to apply. Online application for Safety Mobile APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION
Online application for Safety Mobile
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